Bicycle CHIC Playing Cards. The elegance inspired by those happy Twenties

Almost a year without knowing about Elite Playing Cards and their stylish designs. The time has come and they have just presented their new deck: BICYCLE CHIC.

Just looking at it, no need to say it is an Elite’s deck, as it keeps the features that already have become the hallmarks of this company: elegance, style, luxury, complexity, …




Bicycle Chic is inspired by the golden 20s, a time with a particularly interesting story in the US. Although at first glance the design scheme reminds a little of its earlier deck, Collectors, although examining in detail the drawings, both decks have their own identity.




CHIC is a completely customized deck, full of details with handmade drawings with the classic color combination in gold and red that evokes that classic elegance. Aces are big and beautiful, inspired by elements of nature. The court cards and jokers also represent age-related illustrations. The back is an intricate craftsmanship full of details with references to the name of the deck and to the own Elite.




The tuck case is the perfect wrap for this deck, although the elements that will make it truly luxurious (antique gold foil, embossing, foiled limited stamp,..) are, for now, stretch goals.




The cards will have a linen finish and will be printed with custom inks (as in previous decks by Elite) and will include two gaff cards for magic routines. The deck will be printed by the USPCC with Bicycle brand and stock and Magic finish in a limited print-run of 5,000 units.

Undoubtedly, another beautiful acquisition. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!