STRONGHOLD MMXX Playing Cards. A medieval epopee with a modern twist

For centuries, the Knights Templar have been the great defenders of the Holy Grail, the chalice used in the Last Supper Jesus shared with his apostles. These warriors have defended with their lives the constant attempts to steal the sacred object full of mysterious magical properties. But this secret Templar order has disappeared and, with it, the secret of the Grail’s whereabouts. Four great kingdoms fight to get it and do not hesitate to turn historical quarrels into real bloodshed battles.

Gambler’s Warehouse teams up again with Shapeshifters to produce a deck designed with care and a deep respect for traditional playing cards but with a modern and elegant touch: STRONGHOLD MMXX.

The back, embellished with metallic inks, shows the cross and the sword, symbols from the Templar imagery, in an elaborate symmetrical composition.



That symbology is also present in both jokers. Oversized aces, perfectly identifiable for game or magic, but fully customized with detailed patterns. The traditional structure has also been kept in the numbered cards and in the poses of the court characters. Kings, queens and knights with their armor are ready for the fight. The delicacy of the details creates stylized illustrations full of beauty.



Two extra cards show a nice diptych with elaborate and detailed elements.



Printed by the USPCC, two different Bicycle branded edition, have been created for the campaign: CRIMSON and SHAPPHIRE with different color combinations in red and blue.



Apart from the Bicycle editions, two Special unbranded luxury limited editions has also been made, with embossed tuck cases and four different foils on it. It will be also inner foiled.



Some extra add-ons like custom coins, metal cards, 2 deck boxes and custom seals will be unlocked as stretch goals.

Make these beauties real visiting the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!