GEISTREIZ Playing Cards. A modern, funny and original deck of cards

Noir ARts (NPCC) is begining to sound like a serious bet for printing cards. Their recent productions Asylum or Branle are examples of magnificent designs made by talented professionals and printed on a high quality cards. NPCC’s latest creation follows this same line and is called GEISTREIZ.




GEISTREIZ is the name of the team formed by Maike Venhofen y Stefan Große Halbuer, two designers and friends that created their first deck with a really original artwork. Their idea was to make a set of cards with a classic style, yet full of art and fun. And no doubt they succeeded. Geistreiz is one of the most original work I’ve seen lately and I’m sure the audience will know how to appreciate it.




All designs are illustrated by hand and using techniques, details and color schemes that have been masterfully handled to make a set of 54 really interesting cards.

The court cards and jokers depict funny characters with strong personality, mixing elements from both traditional and modern designs. The back is beautiful, harmonious and pips and suits have been completely redesigned.



Two different editions will be created that differ not only in color, but also in the index and numbered cards. While the original deck, with a red back, have special numbers and pips, the classical deck, in blue, use patter with the more traditional elements in a deck of cards.




You shouldn’t miss it, and the extras in the tuck case (special seal, inside printing, embossed, foil) defined as stretch goals are really affordable so do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!