INNOVATION BLUE Special Edition Playing Cards. A “reinvented” deck

Detailed illustrations with elegant and elaborate designs and an inspiration from the human beings and their innate concern for knowledge are the keys of the work by Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) in his playing cards series. After winning successes with his creations, Jody wants to remember the first of the series, Innovation, reissuing the Signature Edition with a striking color: INNOVATION BLUE Special Edition.

Dedicated to the world of inventions and their main characters, the deck depicts historical figures such as Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison or Alexander Graham Bell in the court cards while their inventions illustrate the aces. A beautiful engraving style full of details and a vintage touch make this deck a delicate work of art.



As a blue reissue, Jody has kept the faces of the original deck creating a new back and a cool tuck case with embossing and foil, all in blue.



Legends Playing Cards Company will print a very limited print run of 1000 of these decks. However, only half of them are offered in the Kickstarter campaign, with something extra really attractive for collectors: the decks will be numbered and will come in a special case created exclusively for the occasion.



Whether you got the previous decks or if you missed them, this campaign is for you. Do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!