IMPRESSIONS RISING SUN and AOZORA Playing Cards. Inspired by the colors of Japanese culture

Some years ago, Make Playing Cards became an absolute reference in the cards manufacturing thanks to a hard creation work in which new technologies and a differentiating service have marked important milestones. Among all their creations, the Impressions Series stands out, and two new editions arrive now: IMPRESSIONS RISING SUN and AOZORA.



These new editions make use of the already popular high gloss technology used by MPC that gives the cards an incredible bright embossing. Inspired by the traditional colors of Japan, the designs use the classic faces by MPC. While Rising Sun uses bright black and white inks on red paper, recalling the colors of the Japanese flag, Aozora uses white and red printed on blue paper, a color traditionally linked to good luck.



In addition to the aesthetic impact, MPC claims to have improved considerably the finish with the use of a new varnish that makes the cards slide much better, like traditionally printed cards would handle.



The campaign is already funded so it will become a success for sure. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge. Remember that all tiers include free worldwide shipping.

Good luck!