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10 May

IMPRESSIONS GOLD and SILVER playing cards. The jewels of MPC’s Crown

Make Playing Cards has always been at the forefront in offering materials, finishes and accessories to their followers and customers, having positioned themselves as one of the main references in the world of card making and printing. One of their most popular products is the Impressions Series, already available in multiple colors that now comes back with the IMPRESSIONS GOLD and SILVER Playing Cards.     These new decks make use of the already popular high-gloss technology used by MPC, which combines a…

28 October

IMPRESSIONS CARDINAL Playing Cards. Snow and blood on black with a striking embossing

Make Playing Cards were pioneers in printing cards with high gloss embossed technology. The release of their Impressions series was quite well received among card fans because they combine traditional design, good handling and a very striking look thanks to their unique touch. The Impressions series already has a significant color variations in which MPC have also combined this embossing technique with foil stamping. Now, they present a new creation: IMPRESSIONS CARDINAL.     This new deck leverages the expertise of…

24 November

IMPRESSIONS FOIL FEMME decks. Feminine inspiration with metal shine and embossing

Make Playing Cards is already a reference in the world of card designers. Many creators have entrusted to MPC the printing of their prototypes and decks, making it one of the leading companies engaged in the printing of cards. But MPC is also known for their technology, which has shaken up the sector. After Impressions and Impressions Foil decks, MPC has demonstrate to be capable of stepping beyond card printing with the use of a polymer technology that allows embossing and metal foil.  …

19 April

Impressions Metallic Foil Back Playing Cards. Not only embossed, but also shiny

  A few months ago, Make Playing Cards surprised us with Impressions, a new polymer technology that print cards with gloss and embossed designs, something that was very unique and a commercial success. Now, MPC launch their new project: Impressions Metallic Foil Back.     With this new campaign, MPC gives a new twist to their own technology giving the cards not only embossing and gloss, but also a metallic foil finish. This has nothing to do with the metallic inks but…

20 September

Impressions Playing Cards by Make Playing Cards. The technology that makes you feel the cards when touching them

spy software for iphone 5   Make Playing Cards is not new at all in this business. They are making table top games for more than 30 years, but they were widely known as playing cards makers specially after their first Kickstarter campaign where they presented their own cards brand. Now, they come back with something completely different, not only a new design, a new stock or a new finish, but a new type of cards with a new printing…