“Love Is…” deck. Love is in the card


A few months ago I had the opportunity to speak with Natalia Silva, the artist behind Russian Folk, a deck of cards inspired in the Russian popular culture. Besides an awesome person, she is a creative and exceptional artist, and she has just launched a completely different deck:  “Love is…”.

I am not sure if the artist is in love (and won’t ask her about it, of course), but the whole deck is a tribute to the love feelings through a set of quotes accompanying simple and funny illustrations.

Each card is different and even the numbered cards are also illustrated. Natalia has used black and red to make clean designs. The court cards of each suit can be joint to form a lovely scene.

For this campaign, Natalia has decided to go with Make Playing Cards unless the funding reaches to $10K in which case it will be printed by the USPCC (or even to $15K that will become a Bicycle branded deck).

If you are in love, if you have been in love, if you plan to be in love soon or just if you love playing cards, visit the project website and show your support to Natalia raising your pledge for this nice deck.

Good luck!