ROYAL HOUSE Playing Cards. The symbol of a delicate and intriguing ROSE

After becoming a reference in the playing cards design scenario with their series dedicated to the Day of the Dead, the Edgy brothers strike back with a completely new and different deck: ROYAL HOUSE.




In the European history, especially in England, the rose is one of the symbols more present in the dynastic shields of nobility linked to the royal houses. Inspired by these stories of kings and nobles, mixing the elegance of wealth with the intrigue of betrayal, the Royal House deck combines the elaborate details of the back design, with Renaissance elements and an elegant scheme of red and gold, with enormously expressive characters in the court cards that cannot hide their (sometimes evil) intentions.


RoyalHouse_back RoyalHouse_courts02 RoyalHouse_courts01 RoyalHouse_numbered


The deck remains faithful to the structure of the traditional cards, but being a fresh and original proposal, with a personal style whose beauty will be enhanced with the use of metallic inks in the cards.

Apart from the standard edition, the ROSE DECK, with a limited print-run of 1000 decks, a limited edition of 300 decks with gilded edges will be made, something that perfectly fits with the own style of the designs.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC. If you like it, please visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!