DERBY Playing Cards. Merciless and beautiful girls on four wheeled roller skates. PROMOTION for readers

Roller Derby is a contact sport, mainly played by women and originated in the United States, played on an oval track on roller skates. A few months ago SandBox Mode, a group of young fans of this sport, launched in Kickstarter the DERBY deck inspired by this spectacular sport.

The artist Shannon Young, which dominates many creative techniques from oil painting to jewelery making through her main occupation, tattooing, created a set of watercolors that show girls on skates in the court cards and objects related to this sport in the aces. Numbered cards were also customized.



The deck was printed by the USPCC and distributed to backers, but it is not for sale at stores. However, Max Playing Cards will give you the opportunity to get the cards for a very special price.



Some decks are still available and SandBox Mode has offered MaxPC’s readers the opportunity to get a very special price on them. So, you can get a set of TWO decks (one for collecting and another to open or give away) for USD22. The price also includes shipping to anywhere in the world. All you need is to send USD22 through Paypal to and mention this promotion from Max Playing Cards in the notes. You can use the same email address to contact them if you want more decks or have any special request.

Enjoy it!