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25 October

DERBY Playing Cards. Merciless and beautiful girls on four wheeled roller skates. PROMOTION for readers

Roller Derby is a contact sport, mainly played by women and originated in the United States, played on an oval track on roller skates. A few months ago SandBox Mode, a group of young fans of this sport, launched in Kickstarter the DERBY deck inspired by this spectacular sport. The artist Shannon Young, which dominates many creative techniques from oil painting to jewelery making through her main occupation, tattooing, created a set of watercolors that show girls on skates in the…

29 May

Bicycle Pin-Up Playing Cards. Beautiful and suggestive but strong and independent

  A pin-up girl is much more than a beautiful lady with transparencies, heels and stockings with garter belt, it is a symbol of women against social conventions and machismo. Although the first references of the pin-up date from the late nineteenth century, soldiers of the Second World War were those who made them really popular using them as patriotic charm (rather than erotic images). The original art, the erotic press and the photography transform the pin-up images in a…