INFINITE COLLISION Playing Cards. The Bulgarian talent in a artistic deck


Gather a group of artists to design a deck of cards is not a new idea but this is the very first time 55 Bulgarian artists use their creativity and imagination up to develop a set of cards: INFINITE COLLISION.

No rules for this design, the creators have used their own style and technique to create a wonderful, original and eclectic deck. A real art gallery with 55 original artworks.

In a deck like this, no need to explain anything, just see it. You can find a gallery below with each and every one of the cards in the deck, so you will be able to appreciate its interesting design.



Two editions of the deck with two different backs and tuck cases will be created. A bolder edition in red and navy blue, and a more elegant and sober in black. Both are really attractive and may even add some extras as stretch goals like the silver foil on cases.

Do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!