ARISTO STEAMPUNK Playing Cards . A mechanical and retro-futuristic deck

The fusion between the retro aesthetic of the Victorian era and science fiction technology based on steam energy resulted in the literary genre of steampunk that has served as inspiration for many playing card designs. Today I bring you a new deck full of fantasy inspired by this movement: ARISTO STEAMPUNK.

The first thing that stands out the observation of these cards is the careful setting and the detailed illustrations that decorate it. Taking as a reference the machinery and its gears, each card has been literally constructed on the basis of beautifully assembled pieces. The nice illustrations have been carefully crafted by hand with the delicacy of precision machinery.



Aces and numbered cards reinvent completely the traditional faces with fabulous pieces of engineering and detailed elements that seem to start moving at any time. The monochromatic design with red accents reinforces the retro-futuristic aesthetic.



The court cards show asymmetrical illustrations of several characters taken from a steampunk fantasy novel, dressed in their military clothes and armed with their heavy mechanical weapons.



An ornate symmetrical frame houses the asymmetrical illustration of the back formed by screws, cogs and gears that form together a complex watchmaking mechanism.



The jokers combine the steampunk aesthetic with the classic buffoon and an enigmatic scene of a female character in a steam train station, symbol of the time set.



A nice tuck case stores the deck (it would be great if the creators add embossing and foil to undoubtedly enhance its beauty and reinforce the enormous aesthetic power of the illustrations).



A fantastic design that will be printed with the best Bicycle paper quality by the USPCC. Thus, the deck will be a visual delight for collectors, magicians and cardists.

In addition, interesting items have been offered as add-ons such as a limited and numbered edition of a luxurious case for three decks.



The campaign is widely funded so it will be a reality in a few months. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!