THE CONJURING Playing Cards. Female magic power

Nobody knows how to combine feminine beauty with terror and magic like Kirk Slater (52Ravens). It has been more than two years since he delighted us with a new creation but, finally, here we have it: THE CONJURING.

In a daring monochromatic composition, Kirk plays with an intense, almost fluorescent red on a black background to give these cards a unique and mysterious look. With a masterful use of iconography, the deck is full of magical secrets that are revealed with a dedicated observation of its hidden corners.

The Conjuring keeps strong links with the previous decks but shows its own and very personal style. The court cards once again show exclusively female characters, of great beauty, sometimes disturbing, and with their own stories to tell.



Aces are large and built from elements of magical geometry and symbolism. The numbered cards also follow an interesting scheme in which a 10-pointed star serves as the framework that supports the pips in a quite original way.



The back shows a geometric composition full of magical symbols in which astrological elements are harmoniously combined.



As in previous creations, the jokers form a diptych with the figure of the raven, an iconic symbol of the artist’s brand.



To add a little more magic, the corners of the cards have been designed to create an animated effect in a flip-book style. Thus you can see a polyhedron rotating on its axis or the phases of the moon.



The tuck case follows exactly the same aesthetic as the cards, with a cool inner printing.



In addition to the standard deck, the project offers a special edition with a beautiful box printed on matte black paper with a shiny copper foil. This deck is available only during the campaign and will be personally prepared by Kirk, wrapped and wax sealed with a signed and numbered certificate.



It is possible to get other add-ons such as a nice coin or a notepad, as well as a very limited tiers with the last decks available of the first edition, The Coven, from the artist’s private reserve.



La baraja será impresa por Cartamundi en su popular papel B9 con acabado lino.

The campaign is amazing and it will surely be a success, so don’t hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!