Bicycle Surena. The art and the history of Persia. Fantastic OFFER for readers



Surena means “The heroic one” and he was the commander in chief that represents a symbol of struggle, strength and victory in the quest for freedom and independence of the Persian people.



Diba Salimi is an artist that taking her inspiration from the art and the history of Persia, created a set of portraits and compiled them in a nice deck: Bicycle Surena Playing Cards.



Cards are based on Diba’s personal art project where she is looking at the historical records of Persian tales from the perspective of its traditional art form (Persian rugs). The philosophy behind her work is to detach ourselves from the realities of individual legends (to the point of pure fantasy) and look at the history from the stand point of its art. That’s why she is also offering a companion book.



The legends, etchings, books and Persian art and history are some of her inspiration. In fact, each suit is represented by different patterns used in traditional and famous Persian rugs.



Jokers are also inspired on traditional elements and backs (two decks in two different colors will be released if funded) have luxurious look with gold accent.



Decks will be printed by the USPCC under Bicycle license.

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If you raise your pledge and send the artist a personal message saying you have read this article on Max Playing Cards, you will get one extra deck per each pledge of two extra decks (just for new pledges or add-on decks). So, go to the project website and raise your pledge.

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