Antithesis deck. Life in the mirror of death


Jet City Limited is a company dedicated to spread art in any shape and expression. The boss, Michael Ryan Norton, is not only a believer on crowdfunding and an active backer, but also an artist, a creator, an inventor and a designer. They have launched their first deck of cards: Antithesis.

Designed by Adam Valmassoi, the cards show the philosophical perception of the death, naturally opposed to the life. The artist have drawn a whole imaginery composed by artistic representations of death and life elements.

The deck is basically designed in black, white and red,  with a stunning and disturbing atmosphere. It will be printed by the USPCC. Jet City Limited has also planned a full series of decks so this is just the first one.

Enjoy the images (cards in high resolution) and visit the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!