WALHALLA VALKYRIES Playing Cards. The trilogy is completed under ultraviolet light

Just a couple of months ago I talked about Walhalla, a set of decks inspired by Norse mythology. In that campaign, a third deck that could not be printed was defined as stretch goal. Now, a specific campaign has been created to fund that third deck: WALHALLA VALKYRIES.

Inspired by great gods and goddesses of Norse mythology. WALHALLA decks take a tour of the family tree and the main characters linked to the Norse deities with a very original design style. The casual illustrations by Julien Riesen for these cards show a delicate work with a balance between detail and the use of the strokes to give each card its own personality.

This third deck offers an original edition in which the use of neon and invisible inks will create amazing effects. The court cards of the court will thus be variations of the original designs, able to approach in a very didactic way the epic mythological gods and goddesses in a symmetrical scheme, printed with blue and green neon inks for clovers and spikes and red and orange for hearts and diamonds



The tuck case will also be a design boast in which the embossing and the transparent holographic foil will be combined with invisible inks that will create gorgeous effects under ultraviolet light.



The decks will be printed by NPCC (Noir Arts) with their best quality and care of materials and finishes which will also make them a fantastic collection object.

It is possible to get the previous decks in the campaign as well as a luxury case with a gold foiled logo to collect all three.



The campaign is already funded so all decks will be sent to their backers in November.

Decks to enjoy and get closer to the fantastic world of mythology. If you like them, visit the project website. and raise your pledge.

Good luck!