DAUSOS decks. Baltic mythology in 108 playing cards full of details

Lithuanian mythology calls Dausos the place where the gods dwell, the Heaven. It is this one, integrated into the set of Baltic mythologies, that inspires a new deck: DAUSOS.

The versatile and talented Lithuanian designer Tautvydas Kaltenis is a restless artist interested in the complex history of his country, especially that one linked to legends and fantasy, full of myths common to many European peoples. Thus, with his work, Tautvydas wanted not only to make his own graphic interpretation of the Baltic deities but to give coherence to each and every one of the pictorial elements to compose a kind of visual encyclopedia. For this, he has taken into account all the details, from the selection of typographic characters to the ornaments and symbology of each god and goddess.



For this campaign, the artist has created an authentic parade of deities in two editions, DARK and LIGHT that not only differ on the back and cases but also in the designs in aces and court cards to cover as many characters as possible. A white background has been used to make the colorful illustrations bolder and cleaner.



The designer’s talent is stated in the style and details of his work, which together with the huge research offers us a perfect mix of culture and design. This is joint to the printing of these by the USPCC, which guarantees the quality in stock and finish.



Apart from the standard decks, there will a Golden variation for each edition, with monochrome designs on aged golden backgrounds to give them an ancient and somewhat mystical look. These editions will be much more luxurious in the tuck case with embossing and gold foil.



An original campaign of mythological inspiration and interesting design that you can get by visiting the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!