RIDER BACK METAL DECK BLUE Edition Playing Cards. Here it is! And you can not miss it

It’s here! The second and definitive version of the mythical deck: BICYCLE RIDER BACK METAL BLUE Edition.

I spoke some days ago about the history of this deck, one of my most beloved creations, which is now available. A renewed METAL deck, with a new and intense blue color.

Although the original faces design have been kept, both the ace of spades and the back also have the new blue color. Furthermore, I have been working along last months making some tweaks in the color of the court cards to get a slightly deeper blue, nearer to the original files I sent to USPCC (the Metal deck was printed with a slightly paler blue colors).



As an unlimited deck, the seal won’t be numbered. That will also allow future reprints.



The tuck case, apart from the stunning foil finish (this time in blue), will have an inner printing to improve its appearance once opened.



For those magic fans, the revelations from the original deck (flaps and jokers) are now different. A double back gaff card will be also included for magic tricks.



The Bicycle branded deck will be printed by the USPCC with their usual superb quality.

The start has been fabulous, almost 70% funded in a couple days. I hope a lot of people feel proud of being part of this project getting their own Blue Metal decks.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Thanks for your support!