MILITARY PIN-UP Playing Cards. The armed beauty

Among all the artists that have gone through Max Playing Cards, Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) is undoubtedly one of the most talented. His technique of hyperrealistic digital design is one of his main creative attractions whose mastery has been demonstrated in decks such as Golden Age or El Recuerdo. Now, he presents his latest creation: MILITARY PIN-UP.

In this new deck, the artist recreates two of his great pictorial hobbies. On the one hand, as a great fan of Gil Elvgren‘s work, Sviatoslav creates suggestive female characters in the purest pinup style. On the other hand, he visits the military theme (focused on the Ukrainian army) to accompany these beautiful women of a powerful arsenal that frees them from their traditional naivety and gives them a very special strength and energy.

Hundreds of hours have been invested in each and every one of these works of art converted into playing cards that will be a fantastic collector’s item.



The rest of the deck has been meticulously treated to create a great quality product with and huge aesthetic strength. Everything has been customized, from the pips and indexes to the back.



The tuck case incorporates elements and details at the height of this artistic creation. Embossing, foil, inner artwork and even a new lenticular printing that will change the image according to the angle of vision.



As it could not be otherwise, the deck will be printed by NPCC in Ukraine.

Some of the above mentioned extras are defined as stretch goals so if you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge to make this deck real.

Good luck!