THE SISTERHOOD OF BLOOD Playing Cards. Twelve bloodthirsty women

After his success with “The Coven“, Kirk Slater (52Ravens) presents his second and disturbing creation: THE SISTERHOOD OF BLOOD Playing Cards.




Despite being a completely different theme, inspired by London vampires during the Victorian era, Kirk’s is clearly present in the designs, with a choice of simple but intense colors, and the unsettling presence of a set of court cards, all women, enjoying their bloody voracity. There is an interesting story to tell behind each one of them.



As in the previous deck, the cards keep the traditional touch, that preserves its playability, although they are completely customized, with beautiful aces and two jokers forming a diptych with a raven depicted in a big blood spot. The tuck case will also be “stained” with blood inside, a tuck case that perfectly fits in the theme including the card back, with an elegant design and a quite rich symbolism.






The deck will be printed by EPCC and, if the stretch goal is reached, a small booklet with the story behind each of the perverse court ladies will be printed and included.




Do not hesitate to be bitten by this interesting deck. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!