Reprints by ALBINO DRAGON. Relaunch of the campaign to get the most popular playing cards

A few days ago I talked about an initiative by Albino Dragon to reprint some of their most famous decks. The project amazed many backers and also caused some confusion so that, even though the project was already funded, Erik Dahlman took the discerning decision of cancelling the campaign and make some adjustments to make it more consistent and clear. Now, the NEW PROJECT IS LIVE!.

Albino Dragon has been a company able to lead the production of playing cards through the crowdfunding to the top. Their successes over the years have been epic achieving funding records in their creations. Although they printed thousands of decks, many of them have already been sold out and only a few of the remaining are still available.

The campaign is quite simple. While funding increases, new reprints will be progressively unlocked. There are three different levels of contribution with a fixed price per level so the backers can choose their preferred deck after the campaign. The first level has both classic decks and reprints (up to a total of 11 at this moment). The second has up to 3 collector sets with a deck and a coin. The third level includes 3 premium decks, editions with extras such as foil or embossing in the tuck cases.






In addition, it is possible to get two different bundles at a quite reasonable price. One of the bundles includes all the standard decks available and unlocked in the campaign, while the other includes all the collector sets from the campaign plus those produced in 2017 (with a minimum of 7).



In this moment, three reprints have already been unlocked but with almost two weeks remaining I am sure more will be unlocked. For the moment, only backers from the USA can pledge in the project so those abroad will have to wait for them to be available after the campaign.




If you could not get the original decks or you want to get the new reprints, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!