BICYCLE ILLUSORIUM Playing Cards. An elegantly surreal deck

Inaugurated with Evolve and confirmed with Royale, the Signature collection by  Elite Playing Cards continues to perpetuate the success of this consolidated company due to its expertise in playing card design with luxury and quality as its main hallmarks. Now they offer us a new and awesome creation: BICYCLE ILLUSORIUM.

This deck is a new twist to the Elite style, which has got us used to shiny and metallic finishes. This time it is a much more risky proposal, in which 3d design techniques are combined with an absolutely captivating surrealist aesthetic.



Shapes, textures, colors and shines are blended in a harmonious composition that lets the imagination fly to the most varied interpretations, all of them wrong, all of them right.

Despite the abstractness of the designs, it is possible to distinguish within this full customization, the four traditional shapes in the aces, the numbered cards, the court cards and the jokers, which play with the forms in a whimsical but elegant way.



The symmetrical composition of the back offers us a beautiful image of great depth and aesthetic strength.



Like the previous ones in the Signature Collection, the deck will be printed by the USPCC with the highest quality standards: Q1 printing, Magic finish and thinner crushed paper.

In addition to the standard edition, with a print-run of 3500 decks, there will be two ultra-limited limited editions of the Premium Gold and Ruby decks, with gilded gold and red foil edges and a numbered print-runs of 288 y 432 decks respectively.



The campaign is widely funded so if you want to get it visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!