LORDS AND GODS OF EGYPT Playing Cards. The divine and the earthly in three fantastic decks

The Egyptian Empire and its rich mythology have been the inspiration for all kinds of artistic expressions, including, of course, the playing cards. After the successful campaign with the Star Kings decks, SVI GROUP offers us their new creation: LORDS AND GODS OF EGYPT.

This creative group looks for a nice combination of interesting designs for collectible decks and a European quality production. Thus, for this campaign, they have created three different decks that are inspired by real and mythological characters of the great Egyptian civilization.

The richness of symbols linked to the culture, society and religion of ancient Egypt is gathered in every corner of these editions that differ, not only in the back, but in the faces designs and color.

LORDS Edition will be dedicated to the most illustrious characters of the Egyptian civilization with warriors, pharaohs and queens, from Cheops to Cleopatra.



GODS Edition will depict the interesting group of divinities that draw a mythology full of beliefs, intrigues, and extraordinary representations.



LORDS and GODS edition collects both worlds using a monochromatic scheme that comes from the artist’s own sketches.



The backs, with elaborate patterns, will use metallic inks in gold and silver which will give them a nicer contrast.



The tuck cases are a display of elegance and detail. All designs will be foiled (not printed) with metallic silver and gold on black and white stock depending on the edition. Furthermore, the tucks will be embossed and a custom seal to make them even more striking.


Do not hesitate and get the full collection. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!