MEMENTO MORI COLLECTION Carpe Diem and Vanitas Playing Cards. It is inevitable you like them

Respice post te! Hominem te esse memento!

Look around you, remember that you are mortal!


This quote, which is part of a tradition in Ancient Rome to remember the victorious general his human limitations and warn him about arrogance and vanity, is considered the origin of the Latin expression “Memento Mori” (“remember you have to die“).  Inspired by this idea of death as inevitable and the vanity that fills the hearts of those who ignore it, Noir Arts launches a new deck series: MEMENTO MORI COLLECTION.

Two decks, Carpe Diem and Vanitas, are part of this collection (perhaps another one will be added during the campaign). It is clear in the designs the inspiration of death as all the illustrations contains elements related to it. Carpe Diem is designed in black and white, a schema where the graphics stand up. Vanitas has some aged tones with a ground color schema. Each deck will have some exclusive extra cards.




The tuck cases will be truly spectacular, with the use of a special iridescent paper with a pearlescent and metallic silver (Carpe Diem) and copper (Vanitas) finish. The brightness of the foil, the embossing and the inner impression with historical engravings related to the death will make these cases real pieces of art.



The cards will be printed by NPCC, a company that works really hard every day to compete with the best. Their innovation researching about new materials and finishes makes each every deck a new challenge that is calling the attention of many designers.

A campaign full of stretch goals in a more than reasonable price. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!