ALIS LUMINIS Playing Cards. The winged deck that emerges from nature

Ritu and Bivas are a lovely couple and a fantastic and creative work team based in India. Together they created Old Gravity to offer their customers high quality digital art and photo retouching services. Now they begin a venture in card design with ALIS LUMINIS.

Nature, fantasy and mythology are just some of the sources of inspiration for this deck that involves the work of more than a year and a half of illustration work and thorough composition. The artist has created beautiful images specifically designed to be part of a card deck.

Completely hand-drawn, each and every one of the protagonists who decorate the court cards are full of details and show themselves majestically in symmetrical compositions. Mythological gods, fantastic characters and mythical animals look like trying to leave their canvases wrapped in a halo of magical mystery.



The numbered cards have completely customized pips inspired by nature and in a very original structure.



Both the faces and the back of the deck will use metallic inks to enhance the designs.



The beauty of the cards is complemented by a spectacular tuck case, where the designs of a butterfly and a peryton will stand out with an awesome embossing and gold foil.



An elegant collector’s coin will be the perfect complement to this deck with some interesting stretch goals that go from inner foil printing in the tuck to a new edition of the deck.



NPCC’s technology will once again be at the service of beauty and quality in materials.

The campaign is already funded so if you like it, get your decks in the project website.

Good luck!