POLARIS EQUINOX Playing Cards. The premiere on the new VANDA Cards website

Almost 6 years ago, Max Playing Cards published the very first of more than 25 articles dedicated to Vanda Cards. The evolution of the company carried out by David Goldkland has made it a reference in the playing cards design through its own series and the most recent Artists Series.

Vanda Cards is now launching a new website with several good news.



On the one hand, and for the premiere, David launches the new Polaris EQUINOX. This deck represents the balance between night and day, that moment repeated twice a year when both have (approximately) the same duration all over the planet. To represent this phenomenon, each card is divided into two parts, day and night, with light and dark designs respectively. The color palette has been wisely chosen to be perfect for playing games and also for flourishes in cardistry.



EQUINOX is offered in two editions, Light and Dark, with the same faces and different tuck cases, backs and gaff cards. In addition, these two decks keep the minimalist aesthetic and the features of their predecessors:

  • USPCC printed on Bicycle stock with magic finish
  • Completely custom design with modern woodcut-style illustrations
  • Borderless back design (amazing looking fans)
  • 4-color deck makes it easy to identify suits in poker, bridge, and other card games



The new website, besides improving the shopping experience, offers a larger catalog with all the previous series and decks and even imperfect decks with discounted prices.

In addition, it also offers a rewards program that allows loyal customers to earn points (chips) when reviewing products and sharing their experience in social networks. If you want to know more details of this program you can visit the new Vanda Cards website and create your store account.

Enjoy the cards inspired by the universe!