ZOM-B-GIRLS Pin-Up Playing Cards. Zombie but cute girls


Playing cards collectors know pin-ups decks are very valuable and zombie decks are very popular. Team Zombie have decide to mix both on this crazy, sexy and eerie deck: Zom-B-Girls.

I have the chance to talk to Justin Hussain, one of the creators of the deck, and he has told me they were looking for different artists to design the deck, not just for one for the whole design. So, five people form Team Zombie: two creators and idea makers (Justin and Timothy Thomas), one concept artist and illustrator (Robert Elsmore) and two colorist artists (German Garcia and Illias Dante).

The artwork is completely different from anything seen before on cards. It is sexy and also macabre without offending the watcher. The overall look of the deck is already finished but there are still some cards to be completed and that’s why they are trying to get funding.

The deck will be probably printed on high quality 330gsm paper with embossed and linen finish.

Get frightened with the sexy zombies and visit the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!