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06 August

ZOM-B-GIRLS Pin-Up Playing Cards. Zombie but cute girls

  Playing cards collectors know pin-ups decks are very valuable and zombie decks are very popular. Team Zombie have decide to mix both on this crazy, sexy and eerie deck: Zom-B-Girls. I have the chance to talk to Justin Hussain, one of the creators of the deck, and he has told me they were looking for different artists to design the deck, not just for one for the whole design. So, five people form Team Zombie: two creators and idea…

26 March

Zombie Black poker deck. More zombies? Help!

  The zombie apocalypse is still present in the new designs of cards. This time it’s a deck of poker classic design and French style where the court cards have felt to the hands of the undead: The black zombie deck.     The deck, created by WarPunk Games, will be printed (if funded) by USPCC. Main features of this deck: Based on an old style French card set for a classic feel Eerie playing card backs 12 Dark and…

22 March

New Zombie Riders Bicycle deck. The motorized zombies are coming. New decks!

  The “undead” designer, Gavin Rooney, has created this terrific deck: Bicycle Zombie Riders. If funded, it will be printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and Magic Finish. Many add-ons (collector coins, dice, poker chips, t-shirts, card sleeves, …) and some stretch goals including a second limited edition black deck. Enjoy the images and visit the project website to get more info and pledge. NEW DECKS: Gavin Rooney has decided to release a new deck, the black version of the…