BICYCLE NINJA Playing Cards. A silent and deadly deck

Ruthless and silent mercenaries, the ninjas manage to convey that mixed sensation of intrigue and fear. Inspired by these mysterious characters, Roya ( presents his new deck: BICYCLE NINJA.

In a new collaboration with Juniardi Satyanagara, these cards collect the ninja fighting spirit through their different weapons and characters in a completely customized deck.

The aces and numbered cards make clever use of pips in action-packed illustrations and compositions of transformation cards.



The court cards use a different scheme, with dynamic comic-style scenes. Each suit represents a different fighting style according to a type of weapon (throw, melee, long range and fire and magic).


Two ninjas on horseback star in the jokers.


The symmetrical back that also decorates the tuck case is a composition made with ninja objects and weapons, creating a nice fan effect. As with most Will Roya creations, the deck includes two gaff cards for card magic, double face and double backer.



The cards have been printed by the USPCC with air cushion finish in a limited edition of 2000 decks.

Only 200 units are available since the rest have been sent to the members of the Pip Box Club and other dealers.

In addition, to celebrate the launch, during this weekend the deck will have a 20% off in Take advantage to get some more decks of their extensive catalog.

Good luck!