PRAHA CELESTIAL CLOCK Playing Cards. The beautiful and animated astronomical clock

Prague is a beautiful city, evocative and inspiring of all kinds of artistic expressions. Strolling through its streets makes you feel in another place, in another time. In its town hall you will find one of its most popular tourist attractions, the astronomical clock, a technological feat built at the beginning of the 15th century and later perfected in the 16th century, which offers comprehensive astronomical information and a fun parade of biblical and allegorical characters to the rhythm of the tolling of each new hour. A watch like this had to serve as an inspiration for the master of animated decks, Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks), and it has been so in his latest creation: PRAHA CELESTIAL CLOCK.

Although it is a deck inspired by a famous clock from a European city, this deck does not belong to the Clockwork series, but maintains the essence of the  fig. 23 brand and Stephen’s personal style. With a flip-book movement, the cards reveal an animation of this mechanical masterpiece, also showing the completely customized suits.



The designs of the cards show that inspiration that the city of Prague exudes with styles ranging from medieval to Art-Nouveau. The court cards have references to late 20th century postage stamps and the jokers show a local representation of the Devil, with one human foot and one hoof.



An edition full of elements to enjoy that will be printed by the USPCC in a limited print run of 2000 decks. You can also get previous Fig. 23 decks as add-ons.

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Good luck!