Bicycle Rock’N’Roll. The hardest rocking playing cards in the history


Ari Steffen and his wife Anna (Wylie, Cassie and Thomas also participated) created Radical 80’s deck, inspired by the decade’s cultural movements. Now, Ari shows his new creation: Bicycle Rock ‘N’ Roll.



As a huge fan of all music, but lacking any musical talent himself, Ari decided to create a deck of playing cards paying tribute to Rock ‘N’ Roll inspired by the musical culture and its history.



Each suit represents a different era of Rock’N’Roll: 50’s for the spades, 60’s for the hearts, 70’s for the diamonds and 80’s-90’s for the clubs.



The card back portrays the distinct identity of rock ‘n’ roll, featuring an original paisley design inspired by designs found on a bandana (a trademark of many legendary rockers). Each of the circular flower-like designs are made up of several small guitar silhouettes. The paisley designs form into the image of two skulls. Skulls represent the rebel, the rocker and someone who lives by a different set of rules. The skull is a rock staple, a symbol of survival, and totally badass.



The jokers form together a diptych of a winged guitar, the same symbol for the main front of the tuck box.

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Good luck!