Bicycle US Presidents Decks. A poker night with 44 Presidents… and some first ladies


There is just one thing better than one deck of cards to celebrate the President’s day in the USA: three decks of cards. And that’s what Collectable Playing Cards has recently launched: Bicycle US Presidents Playing Cards

These cards have been carefully hand illustrated to depict portraits of the 44 presidents of the United States of America, one per card, plus 4 popular first ladies for the queens. This means that every card, including the numbered ones, incorporates a unique portrait.

For this occasion, three different tuck cases have been created, each one with a custom seal. Two standard editions in red and blue (representing the Democrats and the Republicans respectively) and a third deluxe edition in black with embossing and an inner impression of the American flag.

The customization of the cards is absolute, including the aces and jokers (with a revelation for magic tricks). In addition, there is a double back card for magicians and cardists too. Every detail has been had in mind.

If the project achieves funds enough, a fourth edition of the deck, much more exclusive, will be produced. A limited and numbered edition deck with an embossed tuck case printed in gold foil and gold metallic inks on the cards.

The production is almost funded so do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!