Story Time Playing Cards. Tell me one story or, better, tell me 54


Apart from being, according her own description of herself, an intergalactic space traveler,  Enyka Lien is an artist, and she has always have the same dream many other had before: making her own playing cards. She has made his dream true creating a deck inspired by stories that are already part of the common knowledge or coming from specific cultures and folklore: Story Time Playing Cards.



Each card has been beautifully depicted with one or more characters taken out of 54 different stories. From Hansel and Gretel to Aphrodite, you will enjoy every card and you will be able to use them not only to play or collect, but also to randomly choose one to tell the story to your (or other’s) children…

If you don’t know the story behind each card, you can read it before in this link, so you will go deeper to the inspiration behind the deck. You can also have a look to the image below in high resolution with the full set of cards.



The project is already funded so the deck will be printed in a very limited run by Make Playing Cards. Furthermore, in some pledge levels, the artist will make some prototypes with a theme chosen by the backer. The perfect way to have a completely unique deck in the world.

If you like it, visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!