1000 Deck Club. One thousand reasons to belong to it. PROMOTION FOR READERS


Many prestigious companies have their own club which offers advantages in exchange for customer loyalty.

Collectable Playing Cards can’t be an exception and they are about to launch something new and special for the members of this new program: 1000 Deck Club.

It is well known that the minimum print run with USPCC is 2,500. Nevertheless, CPC has reached to an unprecedented agreement with the famous printing company to produce only 1,000 units of some of their decks.

CPC will launch between 6 and 8 decks a year, only available to CPC club members. Considering USPCC production has a margin of ±10%, the number of decks can go from 900 to 1100, but no more. A good reason to belong to this select club.

All decks will have the same seal (see above) that will remind they belong to this special program.

The first deck is at USPCC and they could be ready mid to late October. It will be the Bicycle Crystallum deck.



For this first deck, there will be a maximum number of 6 decks available per member, but I am sure these decks will sold out quickly and that maximum would go down while the number of members grows.

If you want to be on the loop about this club, join CPC’s mailing list and you will be aware of it.

You can also become a member of the CPC Club and enjoy fantastic advantages and discounts.

You can become a club member and now, you have a small help for being a friend of Max Playing Cards.

Use the code max10 and get $10 off when registering as a club member. The cheapest level costs $14,95 so you will get it for just $4,95 and access to the exclusive decks. You can also use it to upgrade to a highest level.

Furthermore, with the code maxpc you will get 11% off in your entire order.

You have no excuse to become a member of the CPC Club and enjoy fantastic advantages and discounts.