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11 December

BICYCLE HEIR Playing Cards. Parents and children from the most remote places of space and time

Collectable Playing Cards has just launched a new deck: BICYCLE HEIR.     The designs of the court cards, which include characters as diverse as royalty, aliens, future visitors and zombies, show the reflection of fathers and mothers in their sons and daughters taking advantage of that duality of the traditional mirrored court card pattern. With hand-painted portraits and a comic style, the deck is quite original and also very funny.     If funded, it will be printed by the…

05 October

1000 Deck Club. One thousand reasons to belong to it. PROMOTION FOR READERS

  Many prestigious companies have their own club which offers advantages in exchange for customer loyalty. Collectable Playing Cards can’t be an exception and they are about to launch something new and special for the members of this new program: 1000 Deck Club. It is well known that the minimum print run with USPCC is 2,500. Nevertheless, CPC has reached to an unprecedented agreement with the famous printing company to produce only 1,000 units of some of their decks. CPC will…