New Seasons decks. Summer and Winter arrive at the same time


Alex Chin is the creator of one of the most elegant designs in the story of playing cards, the Seasons series. After the original edition and the platinum edition of the nice Seronda and Primavera  (Autumn and Spring) decks, he launches the new decks with the pending seasons: Seasons Verana and Inverno (Summer and Winter).

“I have always been attracted to the ideas of transformation and growth. In the midst of change, there is a moment of serenity around what was and what it becomes. This set is made to capture this rare moment of duality through a luxury collection of playing cards.”



The new decks share the beauty of their predecessors mixing again the black and white base colors with metallic gold and silver accents to give them a perfect balance of elegance and subtlety.



These are decks designed by a collector for collectors, but players, magicians and cardists will enjoy their borderless back and their clean design.

There will be two editions of each deck, printed by the USPCC. They will feature the same great cards but will offer 1,000 of each season in a different limited edition tuck case. One edition is iconic to the previous Seasons designs of Seronda and Primavera and the limited edition set will allow striking visual effects in different collector cases offered in the campaign.



You cannot miss these beauties so I suggest you to enjoy the hi-res images and visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!