1876 Triplicate Dragon Playing Cards Restoration. A classic deck with a popular back

Michael Scott (Home Run Games) has already become a reference in the contemporary restoration of old cards. After six successful campaigns, he has just launched his latest challenge: 1876 TRIPLICATE DRAGON.

In 1876, Andrew Dougherty, a printer and manufacturer of playing cards, got a U.S. Patent for his triplicate cards. The triplicate was a miniature card placed in the top left and bottom right corners. It was a revolution in the way cards could be held and viewed. The decorative ace of spades and the wrapper for the first No.18 Triplicate deck showed a fanned hand of cards with the triplicate miniature indices viewable on each card. The first deck of triplicate cards came with a best bower, which was later replaced by a joker.


triplicatedragon_cards triplicatedragon_red_cards


This deck is one of Michael’s favorites and he has already restored several versions. On this occasion a classic back has also been used: DRAGON BACK. Although this back has been recently used by the USPCC in some modern decks, this project will restore the first version in the history.


triplicatedragon_standardblueback triplicatedragon_standardredback


For the campaign, four decks have been initially offered. They are actually two different editions of the same deck with backs in two colors: red and blue. Thus, the standard editions will be in a modern tuck case with a custom seal while the original editions will be limited to 876 units and will be in special tuck cases with long tongue and wrapped in paper with a numbered stamp.




In addition, throughout the campaign, exclusive and limited decks will be unlocked, something that is also a tradition in these projects.

Cards will be printed by the USPCC using Bee stock, one of the highest standards used by the company.

You can get any of them or even all them visiting the project website and raising your pledge. There’s even a level to get all the cards created till now (no less than 28).

Good luck!