Physique Playing Cards. The art of the human body


Collectable Playing Cards is having an unstoppable progression in launching new decks. The last one is Physique.

Physique, is, in fact, a beautiful art study of the human body where a group of original hand-drawing characters is depicted in the court cards. All in this deck is customized and the final result is elegant and nice.



The art keeps the style of its creator, the artist behind Old Masters and Emotions. All in the designs are balanced and the details, such as the weapons bordering the royals, provide a fantastic result.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC although in this case it won’t be Bicycle branded (only one of all the decks released by Collectable Playing Cards, Pharaoh, hasn’t been Bicycle). This is due to the policy restrictions about the nudity in the cards (let me remind you that one of the jokers in the Old Masters deck, the David by Michelangelo, had to be covered in their private parts to be accepted by the USPCC).

If you like the deck, go to the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!