RED LINES playing cards. A breaking political deck

“Red Line” concept has many interpretations, from its relationship with military attack strategies (attached to the color of the uniforms) to the indicators of maximum pressure in gauges. However, this expression has become fashionable among politicians to define the limits that should not be crossed (as if they all had not already crossed them).

We are living in Spain an unsettling sense of misrule by the results of the last elections and a certain degree of frustration for the inability to find political agreements that allow us to lead our society towards a common welfare state. However, this is a historic moment in our country and while we are awaiting new elections, a new deck has fallen into my hands: LINEAS ROJAS (RED LINES).

Devised by José Manuel Reimundez and designed by Pili Rodríaguez and Jordi Mingell, the deck tries to capture somehow the protagonists of this moment, the political leaders of the four main parties. Due to image rights restrictions, they have had to use their own symbols, different to the official ones but easily recognizable. For the same reason, they have used caricatures in the court cards, showing a fun and positive vision about politics within this rarefied atmosphere.


LineasRojas_cartas01 LineasRojas_cartas04 LineasRojas_cartas03 LineasRojas_cartas02


It is a Spanish style deck with 40 cards plus an info card. It can also have educative purposes bringing to the children, and in a lighthearted way, our political scenario today.

The deck has been printed by Fournier in a print run of 3000 units. It comes in a rigid plastic transparent case and can be purchased through the official website.

May this deck bring us luck for the immediate future.