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11 May

The latest THREE releases by Collectable Playing Cards. More decks to choose

Collectable Playing Cards is already one of the most prolific producers of playing cards at this moment. Their projects are simple and straightforward: assorted designs, Bicycle branded in most cases, partial funding system in Kickstarter, their own shipping service and a flexible distribution policy. This efficient work philosophy makes CPC a creator present in crowdfunding all the time. So much so, they that have in this moment three different projects in Kickstarter. All the decks will be Bicycle branded, printed by…

21 February

BICYCLE STARLIGHT SHOOTING STAR Playing Cards. Close your eyes and make a wish

When a playing cards design works, the companies that produce it try different color variations to satisfy their fans. Sometimes the variations are a bit boring but other they are quite different. This is the case of the BICYCLE STARLIGHT SHOOTING STAR deck. After the success of Starlight and Starlight Black Hole, Collectable Playing Cards produces this third edition with a new combination in pink and purple for faces and a new explosion of colors in the back to create…

25 January

Bicycle Starlight Black Hole Deck. From the Big Bang to the poker table

  A few months ago, Collectable Playing Cards launched Bicycle Starlight, a deck inspired by the universe and stars, with an interesting combination of fluorescences and a color explosion on the back. Now, they launch the second edition of this deck: Starlight Black Hole. Contrasting with the above, Black Hole Starlight scheme is similar but uses a completely different color combination. Darkness and light are the main ideas of this design in which the faces are made in shiny white and…

05 June

Bicycle Starlight. Glowing stars beyond the black hole

  After less than a year, Collectable Playing Cards have launched many different decks with their own seal. Eight of them have been through Kickstarter and this is the ninth one: Bicycle Starlight. Following their previous designs trend, this is quite different to any other deck previously produced by CPC. Inspired in the deeper universe, the cards remind green glowing stars over a black sky background with a complete set of custom pips, aces and jokers. The back is, nevertheless, a…