8-bit playing cards. The nostalgia of the nostalgics of pixelated games

10 years ago, a young company called Home Run launched a new and exciting project. Their first decks were inspired by classic 8-bit video games and were a great cover letter that was later followed by dozens of productions. A lot has happened since then, and Home Run has changed its course a lot over the years. Nevertheless, it is better not to change what already works so, the old friend of Max Playing Cards, Cobey Pile, has just released a reissue of the classics: 8-BIT.

This campaign represents the nostalgia of nostalgics by revisiting the most popular editions of the brand with some fresh tweaks and a great tribute to its past.

The project offers five new editions: the traditional Bicycle 8-bit in green, red and blue colors and two limited editions of the 5200 and 7800 decks.

Regarding the Bicycle decks, although their appearance might seem like a simple reprint, new designs have been made on the case, the seal and the cards. The three decks play with pixelated designs on all the faces and the back and share illustrations with color variations and different jokers. In addition, each deck will contain two gaff cards (double back and white face).



They will be printed by the USPCC with the Bicycle brand and the tuck cases will have a custom perforated seal.

In addition to the Bicycle editions, the campaign offers two limited editions, 5200 and 7800, in memory of the famous versions of the Atari video game console (Home Run already produced the 2600 deck in 2013. While the 5200 will share face designs with the Bicycle, in a color scheme very similar to the green edition, the 7800 shows different court cards, with more varied and fun characters and an orange back. All decks keep the playability thanks to traditional indexes and structure. Both will also have tuck cases with completely different designs and will have numbered seals.



5200 and 7800 will be their own productions, with the printer Home Run has used in other board games and cards. They will use casino quality paper with a linen finish, and will also include gaff cards in each deck. The print runs will be limited to 2,500 decks of each.

If five editions weren’t enough for you, you should know that the project offers a total of 34 add-ons that include extra decks, previous editions, dice, poker chips, uncut sheets, cassette soundtracks, and a few other things.

Without a doubt, a campaign full of nostalgia, perfect for lovers of classic and video games. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!