BICYCLE SKETCH and DRAFT playing cards. Take out the pencils and let’s start playing

Two good friends of Max Playing Cards have worked together on a new project: BICYCLE SKETCH AND DRAFT.

This campaign is the result of the collaboration between Will Roya ( and Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards Company). Randy’s style is present in this work with customized but completely recognizable cards with the traditional structure that preserves the playability without giving up the design.

The Bicycle SKETCH deck is inspired by a traditional sketchbook where an artist plays with his designs. The tuck case looks like a drawing pad.



The cards seem to be part of the pad with their spiral rings and classic illustrations that follow a monochrome scheme. To facilitate its use in card magic effects, the back uses the Maiden back design and the ace of spades and the joker hide two predictions.



The Bicycle DRAFT deck is inspired by blueprint drawing pads, represented on the tuck case itself.



Illustrations are projected onto a blue background in an inverted monochrome white color scheme. Following the same scheme, the set is completed with the Maiden back in the cards and the ace of spades and the joker with predictions.



In addition to the limited decks, a small print run of decks gilded in copper (Sketch) and blue (Draft) will be produced.



A simple campaign with very collectible decks that you cannot miss. If you like them, visit the the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!