Bicycle “The Hedge”. A labyrinthine deck

A new Bicycle deck on Kickstarter: “The Hedge”

The Hedge is the first playing cards project of a young company: The Faro Playing Card Company.

Inspired by the world’s most intricate Hedge Mazes, its 56 custom cards  will be printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company with these main features:

  • 56 Custom Cards on Custom Bicycle Brand Stock
  • 2 Unique Jokers + at least one gaff card
  • Custom Backs, case and seal

Creators will pay special attention to magicians as they are going to release, as a stretch goal, a stripper deck.

I wish the best luck to the creators. Go and pledge!

You can see below, the King of Clubs maze SOLVED! (click for super HI-RES)