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24 June

Mazing deck. The biggest labyrinth formed by 52 cards

Teach by Magic is an on line library made specially for educators and mainly based on magic effects applied on learning processes. This website is also the host of a new deck: Mazing deck. This deck shows the love of Brian Daniel South, the creator, for the mazes, the games, the magic and the cards. The design of the deck is simple and amusing: 52 different cards representing 52 unique mazes linked one each other forming all together a very…

31 January

Bicycle “The Hedge”. A labyrinthine deck

A new Bicycle deck on Kickstarter: “The Hedge” The Hedge is the first playing cards project of a young company: The Faro Playing Card Company. Inspired by the world’s most intricate Hedge Mazes, its 56 custom cards  will be printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company with these main features: 56 Custom Cards on Custom Bicycle Brand Stock 2 Unique Jokers + at least one gaff card Custom Backs, case and seal Creators will pay special attention to magicians as…