The Spanish Website about Playing Cards around the World

This is my most ambitious personal project. I have spent many years trying to start it and never found the time.  Even now, I don’t have the resources or the time to get it going the way I’d like.  But there is a moment you realize that starting is more important than going on waiting for everything to be perfect.

So, here I am, with what purports to be, over time and much effort, a reference to the playing cards fans around the globe. Collectors, players, manipulators, magicians and curious people in general are all welcome.

But before going on, I should introduce myself. I’m Max, a Spanish playing card collector. Although my early days were chaotic and I collected almost any deck, over time I have been focusing my efforts and my budget in collecting Bicycle cards and other  U.S.-manufactured decks. Mainly USPC, and especially those lovely designed cards that delight magicians and manipulators worldwide. I am an “unusual” collector, especially among my “local” fellows as I do not collect old cards (mainly for economic reasons) nor do I have a large collection of Spanish cards (which is the most common among cards collector in Spain).

Therefore I want to use this website as a platform for the dissemination of U.S. playing cards through Spain and Spanish cards across the world. For the former, I have good friends and updated sources. Paradoxically, for the latter, I have somewhat less information, but I promise to do my best to update myself. I have the invaluable help of Asescoin, a fantastic association I am proud to belong to and the reference for any collector of Spanish decks

For now, I will begin publishing short articles, sometimes only images and references, about new decks in the world of playing cards. Little by little, I’ll include short articles about specific cards or on specific series, and perhaps with a little patience, I will be able to share my collection of cards with all of you.

If you are fan of playing cards and want to collaborate with me, I’d be happy to hear from you. You can write to info(at) and tell me what you want to contribute to this site.

Welcome to the wonderful world of playing cards.