COLORES DE COLOMBIA Playing cards. A deck with the newness of fresh coffee

Colombia is a country of contrasts, of jungle beauty, with aromas of freshly ground coffee and multicolored flora and fauna. Falling in love with Colombia, like many other places in the world, is not complicated, and that happened to Marco Luzi (LUNE Playing Cards), a Milanese globetrotter who is now beginning his first venture in the world of playing cards design: COLORES DE COLOMBIA.



This deck is Marco’s personal tribute to a country that he is passionate about. He has tried to capture elements that show its essence with a careful selection of illustrations that make a detailed tour of the width and length of Colombia. Each suit represents a different area: the coast, the Guajira, the inland and the Pacific, with a colorful style, sometimes with naif touches and always full of emotion.

The cards have been completely customized but thanks to their clean indexes and backgrounds they completely preserve the playability. Designs in  court cards and aces are a color explosion that will delight any collector. The back hides the jungle secrets in a symmetrical composition.



The deck will be printed by NPCC and, with funding enough, some extras such as metallic inks on the back or embossing and foiling in the tuck case will be unlocked.

Be part in this Colombian fiesta by visiting the project website and making your pledge.

Good luck!