Venexiana Dark Playing Cards. The sordid and disturbing masked face of Venice


Although I have to admit that El Greco’s work is fantastic, my favorite Greek artist is still Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards). His talent has been widely demonstrated in his previous playing card decks such as Grotesque or the different editions of his Venexiana. Now he presents what will be probably the last and the most mysterious edition: Venexiana Dark.



In this deck, Lotrek goes through the deepest and darkest life in Venice, any of those undesirables that ride around the canals of Venice, those who you would prefer not to meet, from thieves to assassins.



After printing all the provious decks with the USPCC, this time, the artist has decided to go with EPCC for printing these new decks, two editions that will be different not only on the back color. The Masked edition will show all the court cards characters wearing a mask while the Revealed edition will reveal their sometimes disturbing faces taking them their masks out.



Two limited editions using the EPCC’s master finish and high precision “Diamond Cut” with elegant foiled and embossed tuck cases.

If you want to get these beauties, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!