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09 October

Venexiana Dark Playing Cards. The sordid and disturbing masked face of Venice

  Although I have to admit that El Greco’s work is fantastic, my favorite Greek artist is still Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards). His talent has been widely demonstrated in his previous playing card decks such as Grotesque or the different editions of his Venexiana. Now he presents what will be probably the last and the most mysterious edition: Venexiana Dark.     In this deck, Lotrek goes through the deepest and darkest life in Venice, any of those undesirables that ride…

06 September

Still don’t know CARDLAUNCHER? I can’t believe!

  Just a few days ago, CardLauncher, the new Playing Cards crowdfunding platform, was launched. Cardlauncher has been founded by Mike Ratledge and a group of people “Passionate about playing cards” in order to give the creators a new alternative to produce their decks and the community a new crowdfunding place specialized in Playing Cards. I talked about CL in detail some weeks ago. For the grand opening, a great marketing strategy, many giveaways and four fantastic campaigns have been offered…

03 July

Venexiana Gold. Impossible is nothing

  This will be a fast article, as fast as the campaign itself. It was going to last five days and the decks has been almost gone in less than one. Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards), creator of Venexiana and Grothesque, decided to challenge all those who said it was impossible and proved that it was not, creating through an almost handmade process, the first deck with hot stamped gold foil on the back cards: Venexiana Gold.     The backs are…

22 July

Bicycle Venexiana deck. Interview to Lotrek and exclusive images

  Venice, the Adriatic Queen, is one of the most inspiring cities for artists all over the world. That’s the case of Lotrek, from Half Moon, a Greek designer that decided to make a Bicycle deck inspired on the city of canals: Venexiana. This is not his first design for playing cards, as he already worked on two stunning Bicycle decks: Timeless and Butterfly, but this is his very first project as the whole responsible of the deck. It is…