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09 October

Venexiana Dark Playing Cards. The sordid and disturbing masked face of Venice

  Although I have to admit that El Greco’s work is fantastic, my favorite Greek artist is still Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards). His talent has been widely demonstrated in his previous playing card decks such as Grotesque or the different editions of his Venexiana. Now he presents what will be probably the last and the most mysterious edition: Venexiana Dark.     In this deck, Lotrek goes through the deepest and darkest life in Venice, any of those undesirables that ride…

05 October

Bicycle Eerie Playing Cards. Dark and classic terror

  If I ask you for naming a group of classic monsters and evil characters in your cultural context, I am sure you will be thinking about the same as me: the wolfman, the witch, the vampire, the mummy,  … All of them have found a deck of cards to rest along the eternity: Bicycle Eerie.     Produced by Gambler’s Warehouse, the Bicycle Eerie deck is a fully customized set of cards depicting classic evil beings you will recognize…