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11 September

HorROAR! Playing Cards. A terrifying deck with a terribly true story

I could start this article as I start most, talking about a new release and its inspiration, but you’re going to let me tell you a story. This is not just a story of a new deck. It is a story of struggle, courage and overcome and I feel fortunate to be able to share it with you. Over a year ago, Justin Hussain (Ace Collectable Cards), a young man full of talent, sent me his first sketches for a…

21 March

Full Moon Bicycle Playing Cards. Live the real transformation of the werewolves

  Scott King (Crooked Kings Cards) has always surprised us with fabulous quality design cards and I have spoken about them in previous articles. This time he brings us a new project not only with a spectacular new design, but also with something never seen before: Full Moon. Full Moon deck is dedicated to the mysterious and disturbing world of the werewolves. The aces and court cards have magnificent handmade illustrations of heartbreaking performances of werewolves before and after their transformation.    …